Great!! thanks a lot! that is much better. :-)
I'm pretty happy someone fixed this: I just can't write friendly UI, even in french ;-)
Please please please, have a look at my other lpes (sketch, hatches, vonkoch...) they are in the same poor state!! :-(
I kept asking for help on IRC but had only little feed back.

Rk: in the knot lpe, "crossing path's stroke width" is mainly interesting when the effect is applied to a group, but this is still a bit buggy: all the changes in the crossings are lost as soon as you node-edit a group member. This might be easy to fix, but requires some understanding of internal architecture involved (a 'array' parameter is not initalized as it should)... any help appreciated!

cheers! jfb.

2009/6/18 Tavmjong Bah <>
On Tue, 2009-06-09 at 16:08 +0400, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> Hi,
> It would be great if somebody for whom English is a native language
> could go through user visible messages and take care of those unclear
> of them. I'm specifically referring to live paths effects, which is
> full of things that are difficult to understand.
> For instance, Celtic Knot has two options: "add stroke width to
> interruption size" and "add other's stroke width to interruption
> size".

For the Knot effect, currently:

[] Is visible
       Interruption width [     ]
[] unit of stroke width
[] add stroke width to interruption size
[] add other's stroke width to interruption size
       Switcher size [     ]

I propose:

[] Is visible
Path gap is sum of:
   Fixed width [     ]
       [] in Units of stroke width
   [] Stroke width
   [] Crossing path stroke width
       Switcher size [     ]

If no one objects or has a better suggestion, I will attempt to make
these changes.


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