Since I'm using Inkscape mostly for technical drawings I've come across minor inconsistency with disabling snapping by key accelerators. This is an extremely useful feature when you need to temporarily disable, otherwise turned on, snapping - for example for positioning text etc.

However, I find the behavior a bit inconsistent. Currently it is like this:

If you want to disable snapping by key accelerator while:
1) MOVING a path, shape, group, text etc., you have to press SHIFT.
2) MOVING a NODE of a CURVED PATH, you have to press SHIFT or ALT.
3) MOVING a NODE of a STRAIGHT PATH, you have to press ALT. If you press SHIFT, a straight path becomes curved.

So, the 3rd behavior is somehow nonintuitive to me. I think it would be better if the same key accelerator would be used in all cases. I would vote for SHIFT since I'm used of it. In this case I guess that for straight paths SHIFT and ALT should be switched. Though, on the other hand, if ALT comes from "alternative" it would make more sense to use ALT for disabling snapping.

Anyway, maybe I'm missing something here, because I'm really much more technically than artistically oriented. So, is there some other explanation of this?