I'd like to know how to compile source code too (and how to get/find source code)


On 15 March 2010 17:46, John LeMasney <lemasney@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey, all. I'm very excited to play and report bugs for 0.48, though the only compiled binaries I've seen have been for Windows. I'm wondering if a) someone knows of a nightly 0.48 snapshots directory for Mac OS, or if b) someone could tell me what to do to try to compile my own.

I want to help. I want to contribute. I want to squash bugs. I want Inkscape to continue to be the best open source illustration application in existence.

I'm most familiar with compiling in Linux, e.g. ./configure&&make&&make install&&make clean

What do I need to do to get the sources and compile in Mac OS 10.5.8? I've been more of a user than a developer there. Anyone know of a good quick overview that is applicable to Inkscape's sources?

I'll RTFM if you tell me where it is.

Thanks in advance!