Sorry, my answer will be short, but i'll try to answer you in detail
tomorrow (hu, no today) morning.

 No problems. I apologize for the delay in replying you too. :)

Do you have a web/ftp site i can download your xml files from ?
Or send them to me by email (zipped please), and i'll take a look at

Sure, check your inbox :)

Just a clue (it does not replace a test with xmllint, but it's a good
indication about the health of an xml file) : try to open it directly
with firefox (or another web browser), and see if the arborescence is
well respected and no warning displayed.

Cool, thanks for your suggestion, I tested all of them and everything went fine, both with xmllint and firefox,
had just one problem (mismatching tag) in the tutorial-calligraphy.pt_BR.xml but it was easily fixed.

more to come later


I'm waiting :)

Best regards

-- Thiago Pimentel