Ahhhhh, I didn't get that they didn't work on canvas at all, I thought you meant only in the multi-select context. Sounds sensible... will branch and compile in a bit.

On Nov 29, 2009 5:21 PM, "Krzysztof Kosiński" <tweenk.pl@gmail.com> wrote:

W dniu 30 listopada 2009 01:57 użytkownik Joshua A. Andler
<scislac@gmail.com> napisał:

> Would it make trunk unusable if this was integrated there? I would just > hate for it to not get a...

At present it would make LPEs with path parameters unusable, because
editing them on canvas does not work. There are also some unresolved
issues with clip/mask editing. There are other minor issues, but they
are not showstoppers, so only the two aforementioned problems need
fixing before integrating with trunk. I hope to fix them during the
next week.

Regards, Krzysztof