It wasn't a random random version, the goal was to get 0.47 final in th 9.10 repo but the last major bug took longer than expected to be fixed (and obviously 9.10 got released first). We're going to attempt to see if they'll SRU it. Either way, we will have a ppa in the near future which will offer it for a few ubuntu releases.


On Nov 27, 2009 5:06 PM, "Paul Bolger" <> wrote:

Thanks Antonio.

I'm a little reluctant to start building from source as I have a nasty
feeling keeping my system updated may end up taking up more time than
actually using it... If the Ubuntu people aren't going to play ball on
this - and I think that they should really be offering major releases
or critical fixes only, not random beta versions - it'd be nice if you
could add an Inkscape repository to your sources list and bypass
Ubuntu for Inkscape. Obviously that would depend on whether the
Inkscape servers could take the extra load. It's a pity there isn't
some sort of combined bittorrent/repository system, where full
software upgrades are available via peer to peer.

Paul Bolger

2009/11/28 Antonio Roberts <>:

> The version in the Ubuntu repositories will eventually be updated, but > there's no set date. > > ...