I am new to this forum and to Inkscape, and first I want to thank all the developers and volunteers who make this software (and open source as a whole) possible.


Then, I have a question regarding gradients and scaling.

I have made a picture using several gradients (http://www.xp-internet.com/GradientsAndScaling.htm), but when I select all objects and try to scale up or down the whole image, the start and end point of gradients move when I keep the button mouse down, but seem to turn back to where they were before when I release the mouse button. So all the effects are lost and I have to manually adjust all gradients to have the original image back. Am I missing something, is there a way to move the start and end point of gradients while moving or scaling an image, or not?

I have tried to make the image a plain svg, but it’s just the same. But at the same time, scaling it on the above html page with the Adobe viewer works, without damaging the image. ???


Thank you for your help.