Regarding Dynamics:
I wonder if the dynamics could be considered as something separate from cloned tiles and could be applied to any selection of objects.
For example, tracing is something that could be useful with a variety of shapes, not just cloned shapes which are quite similar (for example creating a mosaic that looks like torn pieces of paper – some square, some triangular, some odd ball shapes - and then tracing an image).   Jittering of position is really an alignment option.  Changing fill colour is like an extension of the gradient tool applied in discrete steps rather than a continuum. Applying a progressive blur would make for some very nice transitions – being able to work with blur in the same way that you currently work with gradients would be very handy.
All of these things can be applied to clones but they could just as easily be applied to a selection of objects.  The nice thing about rectangle based wallpaper groups is that they neatly divide into rows and columns but this breaks down for the hexagon based wallpaper groups.  Maybe there could be a design that applies dynamics in steps based on x,y position within the bounding box of the selection or possibly something even more interactive such as an approach like the one in the Youtube video.