>> Please no.  Reading the bug report, the entire issue seems to be based
>> on the assumption that toggling guide visibility when there are no
>> guides is confusing to the poor, easily befuddled users.  This, of
>> course, is a false assumption ;)
> I can certainly understand this assumption. I get confused by features that
> appear to do nothing when I enable them. "Does that actually work, or is
> this a bug? [...]

Ah - but toggling guides when there are none *does* do something.  It
shows you that there are actually _no guides_ ;)  I would consider any
other behavior a bug.

Agreed, I guess, in this case. Which means greying out the menu option might not be the best idea, either. But, thinking a bit more generally, isn't that kindof like saying "clicking Undo when there's nothing to undo *does* do something -- it shows you that there's actually nothing to undo". Yet we disable the Undo option in such a case. Obviously in the Undo case, it's very much standard behaviour across a range of programs, so we'd be foolish to do anything different. I'm just pointing out a possible counter-case.

That said, I'm certainly opposed to any solution which actually modifies the document itself (or the guides that are in the document).

Either way, it would seem to me make sense to have some user feedback other than "nothing happens, because there's nothing to do", hence my status bar suggestion.

 - Bryan