On Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 1:32 AM, Bryce Harrington <bryce@canonical.com> wrote:
Our donation page specifically says that donations will be used to
support conferences "such as SCALE", so that seems like a no-brainer.
Get a quote on a design, post it to the board and we'll do a vote.
Really the only question is where the banner should live between events.

I think the where the banner should live between events is pretty straight forward... Jon Cruz should have it. He attends the most conferences in the name of Inkscape and to me it just seems like the logical choice. On average he seems to attend at least LGM, SCaLE, OSCon, & LCA on the regular (I know he attends others too). I don't know that we have a booth presence at half of these, but still... there's potential for us to if we don't. I also don't know what things are like in terms of our presence at SIGGRAPH, but it does seem appropriate that we try to be visible there.

As a side-comment... if you have "google suggest" enabled, just type the letters "ink" into google's search bar. For as many applicable "ink" searches I can think of, I find that to be quite rewarding/fulfilling. :)
The T-shirts seems like a good idea too, although a bit more
complicated.  I assume for this we'd need to get some approved amount of
$$ for printing the shirts, then some plan for how to dispose of shirts
not sold at the event.

I see storage for next year as opposed to disposal as a more viable solution. There's no way we'd go for a crazy bulk order the first time around without testing the waters. So... 50 shirts? (or wherever the price-break mark is) That's what we go for. Yeah, we're probably saying, "Hey Jon, can you store this between conferences and are you willing?" but I think it's not a bad way to explore this. For the people in the booth, I think we should go the embroidery on quality Polos route to be interesting... I have a friend's mom who would be willing to do it for us, so it would be purely cost of shirts and thread. :)