On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 6:07 PM, Tavmjong Bah <tavmjong@free.fr> wrote:
> On the web you should be serving compressed SVG files. The compressed
> sprite.svg is 18288 bytes, smaller than sprite.png which is 18833 bytes.
> If you clean up the SVG (remove the 36 unused definitions and save with
> the option available in 0.49 to remove unused/redundant/incorrect
> attributes) it compresses to 14492 bytes. SVG (and XML in general)
> compresses really well.
> Tav

Unless storage space is an issue, or you have a very slow server, I would suggest having uncompressed SVG files, but enabling GZip compression on the web server software itself (Apache, IIS, etc). That gives you the size advantage of SVGZ but will also reduce the size of other files that you serve.

(I'm a hypocrite in this regard, as I serve SVGZ files, but that's because we've got over 200 comics available for download and the extra storage space costs money).


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