Hey Alex,

For the most part I'd actually be all for the first option... temporary loss of a way of using things that a good number of people probably don't use is just a temporary set back. However, can you explain how we use "Ability to create a docked dialog using a pixbuf icon."? Unless there's something pretty major with that, I vote for solution 1. Also, is gdl on the typical 6-month gtk release cycle?


On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 7:10 AM, Alex Valavanis <valavanisalex@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

To follow up our recent discussions about building against an external
copy of libgdl (https://launchpad.net/bugs/792115)...

I have played with the code, and here is a summary of my findings:

The Inkscape fork of GDL is branched from gdl-0.7.7, which was
released a loooong time ago.  There have been very substantial
upstream changes/bug-fixes since then.  In particular, our version
uses lots of deprecated/obsolete GTK calls, meaning that Inkscape will
fail to build against GTK 3.  We therefore need to fix this issue
fairly quickly.

Our fork of GDL introduces a couple of new features.  Here are the
main ones I can see:
* Focus switching between docked dialogs, with tab/arrow-key bindings
* Ability to create a docked dialog using a pixbuf icon.

I have forwarded a patch upstream to GDL
(https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=652248) asking if they
would be able to merge any of our changes.  The upstream developer was
very supportive and helpful, and had a few queries.  However, I'm not
an expert on GDL/GTK and I'm not in the best position to comment.

I see three options for fixing the problem:
1) Build against external GDL right away --- This should be easy to
do, but we'd lose our changes for a while.  However, I'm not sure any
of the changes represent essential Inkscape design features and we'd
be able to reimplement them when they appear in the upstream API.

2) Merge our changes into upstream GDL 2.30 and copy this into the
Inkscape code  ---  This will take a bit of fiddling around, and it
still relies upon us working with forked code.  I have managed to make
a branch of inkscape with gdl-2.3.0+changes that compiles and runs,
but it is buggy (no colour switching and some graphics glitches).
Unfortunately, my GTK knowledge is not good enough for me to do this
by myself.  If anyone is able & willing to help, I can push the new

3) Don't fix it yet! --- Wait until upstream have implemented all the
changes (in GDL >=3.1.1) and then switch over.  However, we have no
guarantee of how long this will take, and we will be unable to support
GDK+ 3 builds until we switch!

Please let me know what you think!


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