I remember having used that cursor mode before I switched completely to Inkscape. It looked something like this mockup:http://www.codexion.com/files/sample_crosshair_cursor.png


2011/4/3 Michael Grosberg <grosberg.michael@gmail.com>
Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre.prokoudine@...> writes:

> On 4/3/11, Fantomas wrote:
> >>> Hello,
> >>> Inkscape can be set as the cross cursor in Corel?
> >> Could you please elaborate on your idea?
> >
> > Can and we do not know how to set the Cross Hair Cursor.
> > With Corel menu Workspace / Toolbox / Pick tool - Cross hair cursor.
> I'm sorry, but you will have to try to explain once again. Please
> don't expect everyone to have Corel DRAW.

If I remember correctly - it's been years since I used Corel Draw - it has an
option to draw a cross-hair cursor, meaning two perpendicular lines that extend
to the edges of the canvas. This is a CAD feature, that help you to gauge
visually where the cursor is relative to some existing canvas object.

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