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On Oct 25, 2010, at 2:20 PM, John Culleton wrote:

> Is there a standard or available Inkscape color palette limited to
> colors that can be expressed in CMYK? The colors of course will be
> handled as RGB internally within Inkscape but limiting the gamut in
> this way will lessen problem later on in my workflow.
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Well... the first problem is that there is no single CMYK. Each different set of printer, paper, etc. can be very different.

You'd need a specific CMYK profile to target and then you can work in that directly in Inkscape, with it storing all four values, etc.

Even being in the US or being in Europe will significantly change the gamut of 'common CMYK'.

Nevertheless you can create such palette using CMYK profile for your expected printing device.
I think you can try using Swatchbooker application for such purposes:



Igor Novikov
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