Ok, first of all, sorry if I flooded the list with my other "issue" about text-on-path (I'm still learning and since I'm not contaminated with any other drawing tool [CorelDraw or Illustrator] I'm quite new to vector graphics, but I'm loving it!). Anyway, I have noticed that Inkscape can take advantage of extended input devices such as tablets. I have a tablet (Wacom Graphire 4) which works just fine with The GIMP, but I have been having trouble working with it in Inkscape. Either I don't fully understand how it is supposed to work with Inkscape or it simply does not work correctly with Inkscape.

When I enable the stylus device in the extended input device configuration window in Inkscape, everything seems to work just fine, however there are some quirks:

Using the tools feels odd, as it would seem as if the tools won't be reacting to the usual commands, for instance, when drawing a shape, by taping on the tablet with the stylus and trying to drag that shape, won't have any effect, but doing so with the eraser (not configured in Inkscape) does, as Inkscape would register the tap as a left-mouse-click event. Another example of this is node editing: when pressing F2 to edit the nodes a drawn line, I don't seem able to move the nodes with the stiletto-like pointer, however taping anywhere on the stroke I can move that section of the stroke, and the nodes become anchors. Again by tap-dragging with the eraser, which is not configured, I can drag the nodes just as if I were using the mouse.

I noticed a keys section with 32 total keys which can be configured... How exactly do they work? What are they useful for?

I'm sorry if my questions seem rather n00b'ish, but I'm still learning trying my best to master this wonderful program Inkscape is!