I am a newbie to Inkscape and scripting in general. I am trying to build an
animation extension with Inkscape for doing simple animations as a project
in my multimedia course. For that I need to add a timeline in Inkscape and
write the timing data for a particular object manipulated by the user into
my animation file. Is this possible with Inkscape extensions? Could anyone
guide me in finding a resource who could help me with this?


If you just want to use Inkscape's great drawing tools in an open source animation pipeline and you don't have to build an extension as some sort of class requirement or other, then the easy route would be to use Pencil to work out your timing, export an image sequence, then use Inkscape to ink and paint.  It's how I'm doing most of the scenes for an animated book trailer I'm working on.  Some example clips:


Pencil is at:



Matt Jordan