Hey guys,

Thanks for al your advice. Finally i've found a update for paste preference X11 settings at FAQ Inkscape Copy/paste. Now i can start making some flyers.

Luc Buker

2009/8/25 ~suv <suv-sf@users.sourceforge.net>
On 25/8/09 16:28, ~suv wrote:
> On 25/8/09 15:42, Luc Buker wrote:
>> Also X11 programs as The Gimp can't work with copy pasting on this way.
>> I can remember that a few weeks ago I've searched the internet for alt
>> funcionality in Inkscape Mac.
>> That's working fine now (selecting layers under need layers). Maybe I
>> messed up the X11 settings in order to use the alt button. Is that
>> a possibility?
> If you use a modified '~/.Xmodmap' file as explained in many forum
> comments it is very likely that you not only redefined the Option key to
> Alt but also swapped Command and Control? i.e. in X11 instead of crtl+v
> try cmd+v if this is the case.

If CTRL and CMD have been swapped via xmodmap you need to uncheck
 [ ] Enable key equivalents under X11
in the X11 'Input' preferences tab, otherwise the cmd+c, cmd+v will
never be received by any X11 application because the 'cmd' modifier key
is first 'read' by osx for the menu bar keyboard shortcuts.

> If nothing works out, attach the '~/.Xmodmap' file you are currently
> using, and list your 'Input' settings in the X11 preferences dialog.

I meant of course to attach the file to your next reply to the list ;-)


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