I'm trying to create a viewer based on the inkscape SVG viewer. I based my viewer on the code in inkview.cpp. But during execution I always get a segmentation fault when I call sp_document_new.

I create a LayoutRenderer and on that object I call the function renderLayout.

Here's some part of the code I use:

LayoutRenderer::LayoutRenderer() {
        changed = false;
        uriLatest = "latest.svg";
        vector<string> result;
        vector<string>::iterator it;
        result = Util::putFileInVector(uriLatest);
        latest = "";
        it = result.begin();
        while(it != result.end()) {
                latest += *it + "\n";
        setlocale (LC_NUMERIC, "C");
        if (result.size() > 0) {
                changed = true;

void LayoutRenderer::renderLayout() {
        cout << "Start rendering \n";
        GtkWidget * w  = gtk_window_new (GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL);
        cout << "Created new window\n";
        SPDocument * doc = sp_document_new (uriLatest.c_str(), TRUE, TRUE, false);
        cout << "Created new document\n";
        GtkWidget * view = sp_svg_view_widget_new (doc);
        cout << "Created new view\n";
        cout << "rendering created objects \n";
        sp_svg_view_widget_set_resize (SP_SVG_VIEW_WIDGET (view), FALSE, sp_document_width (doc), sp_document_height (doc));

        sp_document_ensure_up_to_date (doc);
        sp_document_unref (doc);
        gtk_widget_show (view);
        cout << "rendering add to container\n";
        gtk_container_add (GTK_CONTAINER (w), view);

        gtk_widget_show (w);
        cout << "Start rgoing to main loop\n";

        gtk_main ();


The function gtk_init (&argc, (char ***) &argv); has been called prior to all the rendering calls. This is the output I get:

Start rendering
Created new window
Segmentation fault

Any help is welcome?

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