On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 9:31 AM, the Adib <theadib@googlemail.com> wrote:
Josh, Ted,

there is some version information mismatch.
1. in src/inkscape-version.cpp there is "0.47 r22583" where it think
it should be plain "0.47".
Well this is the way it "should" be.  After this I think we should change it so that proper releases don't get a revision number; I'm not sure how revision numbers will work with Bazaar anyway, we may have to drop this convention or really start using 1bd6a70g-type revision numbers which aren't all that intelligible for what came when (the main disadvantage of DVCS I'd say).
  This leads to inconsistencies on win32 when doing "btool clean" -
the file is replaced having pure "0.47"
Now this bit is bad.  Apparently this is what uwesch was thinking was wrong with my build - it was actually something wrong with his build, he had cleaned it which apparently should not be done (I say wrong... that's putting it much to strong.  I doubt that anything changes other than the contents of inkscape-version.cpp and thus the about box).
2. The content of src/inkview.rc and src/inscape.rc has 0.46 all over.
   Chris will upload a new -3 version packages correcting this defect
by putting 0.47.
And yes, inkview.exe is in this lot.  All 14MB of it (it only grows each package by 1MB plus or minus a bit due to solid compression).  Inkscape Portable will not currently have inkview.exe as there is be no way of using it portably.
I also added the version information to inkscape.nsi (the installer) as I suddenly realised it wasn't there (I didn't notice it earlier).  I also updated the copyright year from 2007 to 2009.  Who should I email my changed files to for inclusion in the 0.47 branch (Adib says I should)?

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