The theme I was basing my work on was duckgoesoink's submission at the bottom of  I've changed the paint tube and brush to the cup etc. of the 0.47 splash, and updated the logo to the new logo and adjusted some of the sizes.  Below the four big buttons I'm changing it all around to a more traditional design of menus on the left and content in the main area rather than menus down the bottom (it works for some sites but I don't think it's the best way for - similar in structure to what it's currently like.  I haven't started the Drupal coding of the theme, but that's generally pretty quick to do.  I think I'll start it tonight.

As we haven't got a spot for it on, I'll be setting up something at (nothing there yet) with the prototype, all the content transferred and the themes people come up with - if you've got a theme you want to submit or similar, email it to me and I'll put it on when I do it (next couple of days I think) along with the theme switcher module so people can try out the different options.  For assurance for those that don't know about Drupal processes, if we then want to transfer it it's simple to do, you don't need to rebuild it from scratch.

Mihaela: I don't like the advanced forum modules myself, I like just the core forum package much more.  It focuses on the information, having the content there rather than wasting lots of space with information about the user which you don't need to know, and things like that.  It's the "plainness" compared to other forum packages that really appeals to me about the core Drupal forum system - finding information in a Drupal forum is easier than any other forum system that I know of.

-- Chris Morgan <>

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