no, i am using 0.46 stable. when is the 0.47 scheduled for release? i am looking forward to this.

and correction: after inkscape's restart, snapping guides to object's bounding box indeed works; i am only unable to get the snapping to object's nodes working.

however, you sound very enthusiastically about the upcoming release, and since i use inkscape only for fun, i am waiting patiently for it :)

thanks for answers.

2009/8/1 Diederik van Lierop <>
On 08/01/2009 03:51 PM, adam ambrus wrote:
however, i have a question about snapping a guide to an object/object's node - is it possible? according to the settings (Ctrl+Shift+D -> Snap) it looks like it is, but whenever i drag a guide from the ruler part of the screen, no snapping happens. what am i doing wrong? or is it a bug?

Yes, that certainly is possible! What version of Inkscape are you using? Have you already tried the prerelease of our upcoming v0.47? Both the snapping mechanism and the guide handling have been improved on many points.