Hi developpers

About GSoC, I have read that this is a full-time job between may and july. But in this time, my studies aren't finished (because of the french school system). That's why, I realized that I can't participate to GSoC.

Anyway, this not a problem for me. My own goal is to contribute to Inkscape and not† to earn money with Google. So I'm ready to begin the specs with Alexandre. And then, when the specs will be finished, I will probably ask you for a "mentor" in order to help me programming.

So, I am going to improve the specs when I have time ;-)

see you !

Albin ManoŽl

2010/3/8 Joshua A. Andler <scislac@gmail.com>

On Mon, 2010-03-08 at 10:52 +0300, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> On 3/5/10, Albin ManoŽl wrote:
> > If the spec aren't finished, we can begin now to improve them. Are you agree
> > ?
> I'll see what I can do. I'm quite lacking spare time at the moment and
> trying to do too many things at once already.

Albin, I will see if we can get other volunteers to help flesh out the
spec a little more... however, if no one is able, it may be a last
minute "here are the basics of what you need to accomplish" situation.
Then again, this is assuming that we are accepted as a mentoring
organization and that slots permitted, your proposal is selected.

> > About mentoring, I would enjoy that you become my mentor. And for programing
> > questions, I think that developers can help me :-)
> I'm not sure that it is the right way. I'd first hear from the
> organization's admin.

That is not the right way. We need to have Albin paired up with a
developer as the mentor. That's not to say that Alexandre can not give
input and feedback, as I've done that with a majority of our SoC
students in the past. Right now we've only had one possible developer
agree to be a mentor this year, so if that's all we have to offer (and
are accepted by Google), competition with proposals will be fierce.