A easy method that works for me:

1 select the two nodes you want to join and break the path (shift+B)

2 select one of the corner nodes, then use ctrl+A to select all nodes... and as you can see, only the four nodes of one half side are selected.

3 use the node-tool button "Join selected endnodes with a new segment" with these nodes selected. End nodes that were open now are joined by a segment

4 Proceed at the same way with the other half square

5 use the selection tool to select the both square-subpaths, then break apart the path (Ctrl+Shif+K). Now you have the two rectangles free.

The explanation is longer than the making =)

El 10/08/13 02:09, Maurice van Peursem escribió:

I hope my image comes through. I have a closed path, represented by the rectangle. I want to connect points A and B to create 2 closed paths, one around C and one around D without drawing the connection between A and B twice. Can I achieve this in a simple way?


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