On 2011-08-11 10:28, Jasper van de Gronde wrote:
On 11-08-11 01:42, Tommy Hjalmarsson wrote:
-*An users whining. Developer, hear my plea-*

      -*Selecting line width with the Find Dialog, it could bee really god-*
The Find Dialog can do a similarjob in IncScape, but poorly.

And when all search field is checked and you search for line width, it's
hardly work like the utopia I dreaming of. Not at all.
The find dialog is indeed a bit limited, you might want to look at
existing wish list items in our bug tracker and add your own suggestions
where necessary. For example:

When you have the InkScape Preference option: /I//nkScape
Preferences/Tranform..............uncheck ”Scale stroke width,/it scale
lines anyway. Your 2px line can now be 1.935637 or 2.136549 (the number
is just to illustrate)

So if you work in discipline manner, it doesn’t help. You perhaps dont't
get a hit on 2px line width because it's 1.935637 .
To my surprise this indeed seems to be the case. I recommend creating a
bug report for this (if it doesn't exist yet). This can be done here:
(Note that there is no strict separation between bugs and wish list
items/feature requests, they are just sorted into different categories.)


A circle/ellipse should NOT move the center/origin when you shift to
segment or arc circle. It's still a object primitive. It's wrong, so wrong.

The center/origin disappear from the screen when you move the object,
and turn up again when you finish moving, it's to late. The
center/origin is GUIDE, so I want to see it. (when you move with the
arrow keys I can see it, but........)
Feel free to create "bugs" for these (see link above). This will
generally work better than just sending your plea to this mailing list
(although doing both can be effective), as bugs will stay around and we
regularly try to eliminate as many as we can (also, if someone is
working in a certain area he might have a look at related bugs to see if
there are any that can be squashed).

-*Bounding box-*

The bounding box around a ellipse should follow the rotation of the
ellipse, when it still is a object primitive (A preference
If you're talking about an object with a transform attribute set to some
rotation, that might make sense (again, feel free to create/edit a bug
report/wish list item). If not, then it's trickier.

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This will generally work better than just sending your plea to this mailing list”
Well I know what to do now, thanks. I really care about InkScape, I love it.

Thanks again.
/Tommy Hjalmarsson