On 02/03/2011 3:30 PM, Rob Antonishen wrote:
I read the recent posts on multipage pdf with interest.  I was
wondering if there is any way to generate multiple layer (single page)
pdf files from Inkscape. It seems through tests that this isn't
possible and all svg layers end up as one pdf layer.

Can anyone offer suggestions on turning a multilayer svg into a multilayer pdf?

-Rob A>

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If you mean converting a multilayered svg file in a multipage pdf This topic was discussed back in November.

Try using the JessyInk extension. Although intended to prepare presentation material, it does allow the user to save their work in a zip file that will contain a pdf or png file for each layer. Look in the file save as menu, for the JessyInk zipped entry. You can then combine the multiple pdf files into one pdf document.



Lawrence Gray