Ok. Important remark ! I missed the fact that greyscale could be applied to "Normal" or to "No filters".


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On 2/15/11, ~suv wrote:

> See Jimmac's latest comment in the bug report for another assessment of
> the disadvantages of the 'cycling' behavior with 4 modes.
> Personally, I settled with assigning keyboard shortcuts to normal and
> outline view modes to allow a 'pseudo-toggle' between e.g. outline and
> normal view (using two adjacent keys), or no-filter and normal (using
> 'toggle' once and switch back to normal view).
> If new modes are added, I'd favor a solution to return to the 'toggle'
> behavior between normal and last used mode (while keeping the ability to
> map each mode to its own key using its verb).

I think we are doing it wrong :)

Let's see. Given that we shall have both greyscale/bw mode and color
separation view mode, that gives us:

- precision modes (wireframe > no filters > normal)
- color modes (bw, full, separation preview)

So why not have two cycling shortcuts for each of those groups? And
separate them in menu?

Alexandre Prokoudine

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