On 26/04/07, Donn <donn.ingle@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello to all, this is my first message.
Hello back :)

> Is here where I ask for help?

> I have somme problems with the fonts, simply I cant push the aply button it
> apears blur.
i *think* you might not have the Text Tool selected. Select it, click on the
canvas so that you see a cursor, type some letters even , and then look at
the font dialogue. It should be working now.

The text tool is the big A isnt it? I have it selected. The thing is that I have used it before but in win not linux. I read about a lib that uses Inkscape for fonts, perhaps that is the problem

by the way I am using AMD PIV with SUSE. The Acer ferrari 3000.

 Thanks Don anyway