On Nov 27, 2008, at 10:54 AM, Aurélio A. Heckert wrote:

I already create a Flow-Chart plugin for TWiki, and that

draws a SVG in the web server before to make the PNG

to send for the web browser:


That may be a start...

I like the idea of an Chart collection plugins, but it may

need a complex input interface, and may be useful to

create the interface with PyGTK instead an Inkscape

extension interface. There are a problem in PyGTK

extra dependence? Will be a problem for Windows

users? If yes, the inkscape win package may provide

that lib?

The existing plugin interface is more limited, but in the long run we are looking at several ways to get extensions to be first-class citizens.

As to using PyGTK, there are several issues with it that make it not an optimal solution. Among other things, for consistency and an overall unified user interface and experience it would be best for plugins to be able to request Inkscape to handle their UI needs for them.

Of course, if you're getting to the limits of the existing plugin support, we can move sooner on enhancing the interface with your immediate needs as they come up.