Perhaps linked to the problem I have with my latest filter which is intended to draw dark or black edges on pictures.

It renders well in Inkscape, Opera and Firefox, but export to png is bad and never gives correctly the dark lines.

I join you a file with three filters samples to apply to the embedded pictures.


De : the Adib <>
À : inkscape-devel <>
Envoyé le : Mercredi, 29 Avril 2009, 1h53mn 25s
Objet : [Inkscape-devel] rendering quality for filter etc.

There is this issue 322116 "PDF
export does not use the highest quality for rasterized filters"
The reason for this issue is that each nr_arena_item checks the
preferences for the filter quality even for off screen rendering.

This is wrong behaviour.

During png export there is a sequence like this save, set ...
rendering ... restore. This changes for a short moment the

This is also not good style. (remember a background task renderin to
png - in future)

I developed a patch that is attached to the issue in launchpad.

Attached patch puts render quality properties to nr_arena. You can do
now "nr_arena_set_renderoffscreen(arena)"  for an offscreen arena in
order to get highest accuracy.

please review!


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