My name is Jesus Mager. I am Computer Science Student in Mexico, and I wanna apply in this GSoC for Inskape. But I cant decide what idea I will choose to work on. May be the list can help me: 

I was working with kids software, so: 
The kid-version of inkscape is a real important idea in the idea list so i con work on it? (In blueprint ti appear as a low priority) 
If yes: should it be a independent branch of the project, may be a separate project or should it be a option in the same inkscape. (I think the first is the best)

The idea is make it for kids in what sense: easier, fashionable, lighter?? I saw the possible GUI: It only seems to do it for netbooks, and lighter  platforms. But if the main idea is make it for kids: what about make a cooler kid-friendly interface... may be like tuxpaint (www.tuxpaint.org)? Any idea?

New From Template dialog 
Is it a better option than kidscape? 
Should it only be the interface, or may be also a guitool to make new templates (dynamical)??

I hope you can give me a orientation to find the appropriate idea and clarify my questions.


Jesus Mager