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After updating to SVN 17417 I noticed a bunch of new strings about docking

ability. How to access this to test localisation? Dockable dialogs (fill

and stroke, align and distribute, tansformations, etc) does not use this

new strings.

To localise or not to localise a new 'dock' stuff?

Yes, this should be localized.  This is work requested by Bulia of

JonCruz, which is not yet finished, but I encouraged Jon to get the

string changes committed and finalized first, prior to string freeze, in

order to give the extra time for getting them localized.

Just to be clear about which strings are which....

The ones I added were four strings in panel.cpp that show up in the popup menu for swatch panels ("Shape", "Tall", "Square" and "Wide"). "Shape" refers to the desired shape for the swatches. Currently the behavior had been to try to be square, but to allow for user choice in the bottom panel, etc. a setting on the "Tall" range would make the swatch taller than it is wide.