On Apr 17, 2006, at 3:39 PM, Brandon Blackmoor wrote:

Clearly, the administrator for this list does not actually read it. Does anyone

know the email address of the list admin? I will email them directly and make

them aware of this problem.


Clearly the administrators do read it, but you choose to ignore communications from the administrators. Different list admin's have 
already answered this several times in the past.

(Now, one interesting thing is that the posts you usually end up complaining about turn out to be spam or other such. The actual hosting of the mail lists is done by Sourceforge, so if you think they're not catching enough malware mailings, you should probably take that up with them directly. That's not a list admin issue, but a mail server configuration issue. Perhaps SF needs to update ClamAV or some such on their GNU Mailmain installations.)