Thanks for uploading the file Veronika!

I've edited the wiki page some more:
- Added a table of UI design status, so feel free to add your own
input of what seems OK already and what isn't
- Added description for radial tiling
- Added description for line tiling
- Re-added proposal for symmetrical dynamics around base tile, but
also noting that the current tiling mechanism does not support it
- Added current discussion on on-canvas Dynamics. Also added a 
proposal: "preview mode for dynamics" (click a checkbox next to 
wherever the toolbar item for dynamics is located). Inkscape will 
render a preview of the dynamics by applying it to the frame's 
different tiles, also adding blur, color, opacity. You cannot edit
transformations or jitters in this mode. Uncheck to return to "edit" 

I've also finally added a blueprint link:

Although work still needs to be done, especially concerning on-
canvas dynamics, I doubt on-canvas dynamics editing will be
implemented anytime soon, first because Inkscape is currently
more focused on clean-up, second because the tiling tool itself
isn't likely that high priority, third because even then, many other
features need to be coded first before reaching that particular

By the way, am I the only one for whom the text tool now crashes 
every time I try to start a new text box?
(I can copy existing text boxes and change the content though)

inkscape: /usr/include/boost/optional/optional.hpp:641: boost::optional<T>::pointer_type boost::optional<T>::operator->() [with T = Geom::Rect, boost::optional<T>::pointer_type = Geom::Rect*]: Assertion `this->is_initialized()' failed.

(kind of annoying while making the mock-ups)