About color functionalities don't hesitate to check the new non destructive ones in 0.48 devel customizable SVG filters.

Concerning Halftoning, the true revolution would be if halftone patterns were added as an additional SVG filter effects primitive. Then you could use the whole power of other filters to combinate other primitives with them.
Also if svg filter effects could be directly vectorized without passing by rasterization you would have all what is described in the video.


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Objet : [Inkscape-devel] Useful functions

Hey All,

I stumbled across some videos a while back relating to some plugins for Illustrator that provide some pretty cool functionality and wanted to share, I just don't believe I did on the list (hopefully I'm not repeating). Do we have an appropriate page in the wiki for me to add them or does anyone think it would be more appropriate to just add a number of RFEs to the tracker?

This first one shows some pretty useful color functionality you normally see associated with raster apps but is stuff that would rock to have for use in the vector space. Yes we have extensions that provide some of the functions, but they're destructive effects.

This live half-toning stuff is definitely sweet.

When we finally get to a point where we can produce proper PDFs for print, this would be some fantastic functionality to have (especially with the costs of home printing supplies).

Just thought I'd share...


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