Would it be possible in the future to swap visually between filtered and unfiltered object bounding box... and also to align objects depending on the unfiltered bbox even when they are filtered ? (Perhaps the two features could be grouped all in one).


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On 4/9/11 23:20, Krzysztof Kosiński wrote:
> W dniu 3 września 2011 05:01 użytkownik ~suv
> <suv-sf@users.sourceforge.net> napisał:
>> New crash with empty stroked text object:
> Fixed in 10617
> Minimal visual bbox caching in 10618

After r10618, the dimensions/position of the visual bounding box of the
filter effects region no longer update when changed in the 'Filter
General Settings' tab of filter editor (deselecting and reselecting the
filtered object doesn't help -> nudging the object with the arrow keys

Would it be possible (and make sense) to have the changes of the filter
effects regions in the filter editor trigger an update of the visual bbox?


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