Hi Cedric,
4 frontpages is too much IMHO. What users are used to find in this kind of sites is labels like "for Users" (Designers in this case) and "for Developers"
So you have this Books for Developers, Docs for Developers, Resources for Developers...
But this two categories are under the section Books, Docs or Resources

Just Keep Things Simple


El jue, 09-12-2010 a las 07:45 +0000, id746-spam@yahoo.co.uk escribió:
> I came up with these three main groups. 
> -new users
> -users (artists/designers etc)
> -developers 
> These three groups have different needs and expectations
> from the site. This is my view on their needs and
> expectations, feel free to shoot holes into them/enhance
> them.
OK won't quote the rest of Steve's email and while I am not part of the site redesign group, I totally endorse his opinion of starting the design from the 3 user groups he mentions and meet the users strategic needs first and foremost.
BTW as far as I am concerned the current design is ok - but its weaknesses lie precisely in handling the needs of the three user groups.
Maybe a suitable solution would be 4 front pages, with a cookie based choice popup : 1 for new users, 1 for existing users, one for developers, and a difficult one : a one-size-fits all front page with a menu clearly pointing to resources per category of users - not to what the resources are, but to whom the resources are useful - a user centric interface.



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