Unfortunately a paragraph text one exported is not editable, as it is rasterized (it's then just a bunch of pixels as any other object).
The best alternative would be exporting the graphics to PNG and then add the text in the Gimp.
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Subject: Re: [Inkscape-user] saving an svg file As jpg

Dear Molumen, Exporting a text paragraph as png from Inkscape to Gimp, can the text then be edited in Gimp?

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Inkscape can export PNG files that you can then import into GIMP for further work.
JPG is IMO not needed (I don't even know if JPG export is planned) because PNG is much more superior: it has a lossless compression method and it supports transparency (better quality + more versatile).
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Subject: [Inkscape-user] saving an svg file As jpg

In Inkcape, how does one save an svg file as a jpg file for later use in Gimp or elsewhere?

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