But not sure,  a week or so ago I noticed a problem but kept working with it,  I don't remember it from before so may be I just noticed it, who knows,  but here is the problem,
This is the steps,
open Inkscape
Change to landscape and letter
Select outline mode
Import Pic or image,
Here is the problem,  The pic does not show, I just get a box with arrows,  if I then go and choose normal my pic shows ( I honestly don't remember it doing this before) so may be I should be selecting normal till after I do that trace bit map, is so that fine, but the real problem is below.
Then I make a bitmap copy
Then trace bitmap.
But them my other issue is, if I move the box with the picture at all, the picture inside the box moves so that you only see parts of the images, like the box is rolling around over different sections,  its very annoying, and don't remember it doing that before, 
I have uninstalled it and restarted and reinstalled and it is still doing the same thing,  I am running 44.1 as I had loaded 45 before, and it has a know bug with saving, so I removed it, 
Am I just loosing it, or is there a problem with my Inkscape.