Prodive public keys for 0.46 Ubuntu distro.

  • Please provide public keys for the Ubuntu (Gutsy and Hardy) 0.46 testing distrubtion.

    • Sorry, we can't do that currently. If you want to know why then have a look here:



    • If you click on "Ted Gould" below, you'll see his reply:

      Unfortunately, due to the ways that PPAs work this is impossible. What
      happens with the PPA is that the binary is built on one of Canonical's
      servers, so no Inkscape developer can sign it. It was decided with the
      PPAs that the packages would not be signed as it might make users
      believe that a package in a PPA was coming from an official repository.
      I disagree with this choice, but as long as we're using free processor
      time we don't get to choose :)

      I don't see a way to link to his reply directly, or to have to full thread expanded by default. Sorry for the confusion

      • Did you try to use openSuSE for compiling the packages?
        As far I know their server provides all what you need.
        There you can use the processors time and produce inkscape packages. They are welcoming every one who would like to use their servers for production of packages. May be there your problem could be solved and you could work as you need?