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The funnel Project

  • Bomar

    Hi everybody

    I constantly make conversions from raster files to

    vector files for logos and honestly Adobe

    Illustrator and Corel Draw are ok but too

    expensive and most people do not have the

    chance of either purchasing them or learning

    My main goal is to simplify to the maximum the

    vectorization of logos and simple pictures with

    one click do it all application called "The Funnel

    This is what this application will do:

    1.Convert any given file regardless of its size

    resolution or format to one grayscale predifined

    600x600 600 dpi png file and increase its contarat

    and brightness in the same step by using the

    opensource application "imagemagick".

    2.Will convert this grayscale png to one vector file

    using the open source application "potrace"

    The application will generate 10 png's and will

    convert them all to vector in one step the

    difference between the ten will be the level of

    contrast and brightness so that one of the the

    black and white 10 vectors can be easily chosen

    according to the user's preferences

    Important point: THE UI

    Everything simple and all drag and drop and, no

    menus just one button to switch between user

    and expert mode the only thing in the center of

    the screen will be a
    classy funnel... you drag your original files to the

    top of the funnel &the
    files "come down": 10 of them appear at the

    bottom... and just one
    button in the top center to switch to expert mode

    with all the classic
    options (this is influenced by the iPhone)

    Obviously I want to make
    this idea public and any recommendations on

    how to build an open
    source project like this would be appreciated, I

    just do not know how
    to explain this to the open source community and

    find some other
    people to volunteer to build the UI...
    Any ideas or feedback on this open source rant of

    I just "discovered" open source 1 month ago so

    you go figure...

    Help please I want to do this but I do not know

    The applications imagemagick and potrace

    already exist we just need to "glue them"

    Any feedback?