Inkscape Should Be Easier To Compile ...

  • MajorLunaC

    Hi, I've noticed that Inkscape can be a pain to compile. Here are the problems I've run into on Linux 64-Bit Slackware:

    *Dependency Mess:
    - The wiki
    is not that helpful. It would be nice to have a straight-forward list of dependencies and where to get them quickly and easily, like the following:

    Dependencies Sites
    gsl (GNU Scientific Lib) Site:
    Direct 1:
    Direct 2:

    As far as I could tell, this is the correct order of installation due to inter-dependencies (according to the dates of install on my package manager). It should also be mentioned that despite the very similar names, these are NOT the exact same thing as, say libgtk or libpango, noting the "mm". I'm not exactly sure what these are ... wrappers? This is the only program that I use that uses these obscure "mm" dependencies. Because of that and how picky many of the dependencies can be, wouldn't it be better to include at least some of them with Inkscape? Or at least detect installed dependencies and offer to download the appropriate versions (mplayer has a similar system regarding ffmpeg)?

    *Another Problem is with a bug fix that hasn't been integrated into the Stable branch of Inkscape:

    Bug #1095364 FTBFS with gcc 4.8

    stray ',' at end of member declaration

    Compiling errors are kind of more important than other bugs because you can't get the other kinds of bugs without fixing this type of bug. This may be a bug regarding GCC 4.8, but then are inkscape devs using older GCC versions to develop Inkscape? I know it's an easy fix, but it's a defamatory type of problem ... as in "this program doesn't even compile". So, it's important to fix this in Stable, even if only for looks alone.

    Thanks for developing Inkscape,

    Luna C.

    • Josh Andler
      Josh Andler

      If you would be willing to help fellow Slackware folk, please email our developer list to request wiki privileges to create a page for people in similar situations.


  • Jon A. Cruz
    Jon A. Cruz

    In brief, this trouble you are seeing is from using Slackware. Most all other Linux distributions package prebuilt versions of those libs and include dependency information so that requesting one package will pull in all the dependencies. If Inkscape were to add those sources not only would they become out of date quickly, but it would interfere with users of most other distros including blocking bug and security fixes.

    The *mm packages are C++ wrappers for C libraries, and are common GTK things.

    As far as that bug goes, it shows as having been fixed in stable a while back. The commit went in Jan 5 a year ago.