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trojan Zlob.KVS in Inkscape/uninst.exe

  • Frank

    After downloading and installing inkscape in WINDOWSXP Home my virusscanner NORMAN detected the trojan Zlob.KVS in uninst.exe. The file was put in quarantaine. NORMAN could not remove the file.

    By using AD Awar, Spybot Search-and-destroy and Easy cleaner this problom was not detected.

    Removing INKscape when I dont want it anymore would be impossible in en legal way.

    Any advise for improving this prblem would be very welcome.


    • The installer and uninstaller comes from NSIS (nsis.sf.net). You might find people there who are better to help you with any issues between your virusscanner and NSIS.

      Remember: The uninstaller is supposed to remove files and delete registry entries. That doesn't make it a virus. My guess is that your virusscanner is wrong this time and advice you to double check with a second virusscanner.

      To uninstall Inkscape without the uninstaller you can simply remove all installed files. If you have run the program there are also some settings in "%APPDATA\Inkscape" (for each used user). There might be some entries in the registry too; to let the uninstaller know where you installed Inkscape, and maybe to associate svg files with Inkscape. Use regedit and search for Inkscape or look at the source code (.nsi) for the exact registry keys.

      Btw, There is also a zip package of Inkscape that you can unzip without using any installer and later just delete without an uninstaller. That might be a better choice next time..