Star Polygon feature trashed

  • Problem:

    The star / polygon feature isn't working anymore it merely shows a box
    and two diamonds which change position as value of boxes changes.
    I am new to linux, but I have figured out that doing a removal isn't really
    a removal at all. It is probably like the delete feature of windows which just
    renames the first letter of the files. I tried to reinstall inkscape with a new
    install, but when I ran it. The exact same poly problem exists, so it isn't really doing a reinstall but probably just undoing the old deleted one.

    The question I have is how do I delete the old one (in what folder or subfolder
    is it located) so when I reinstall it won't maintain the old corrupted install info. I also assume when you click the default it doesn't set the setting BACK to the original default setting but rather makes your current settings
    the NEW default....opps

    This is where I think my problem trying to reset back to the old default settings... :)

    What lead up to the problem was I was playing with the settings watching it change and maybe I exceeded your max or min number allowance.

    I am trying to move away totally from windows and your program looks like one that will take me one more step in that direction.

    I'm running xubuntu with the inkscape 0.45 A xubuntu problem there is mouse vanishes and have to reboot to bring mouse cursor back. That isn't your program tho. Happens at other times.Good thing I'm used to problems from running windows for

    Have a great weekend. I'll bookmark this and check back later to see if a solution for this problem is posted yet.


    • Your problem might indeed be in the settings, more specifically in Inkscape Preferences -> Tools -> Shapes -> Star. The default fill and stroke might be set to invisible and zero width or something like that.

      The user preferences are stored in /home/yourusername/.inkscape; These will remain when doing an uninstall and will indeed be picked up again when reinstalling.