Won't run on Windows XP

  • pencilart

    I downloaded 0.48 and it installed fine. But when I ran it, it opened but I
    couldn't do anything with it. None of the tools would work. I just had a new
    blank project but I could not draw anything with the tools.

    I've even tried the version from the .zip file (which does not install
    anything but seems to run just from it's own folder. That is cool, but that
    won't work either. None of the tools work.

    Then I tried the much older version, 0.45 and that works, I can draw circles
    and do stuff with it.

    Why won't the newest version work? is it for Windows 7 only or something? I
    tried to find a system requirements page but there does not seem to be one.
    Please post the system requirements on the inkscape main page!

  • I installed the latest version and it runned without any problem.

    Windows XP SP3

  • george r
    george r

    Working fine on my Windows XP SP2