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No Fedora Core Support...

  • Winston Ojeda
    Winston Ojeda

    After complaining about not having libgc and give it just that, now I get this:
    inkscape: symbol lookup error: inkscape: undefined symbol: g_option_error_quark

    Will trying to compile the source be worth it or will it be a waste of my time????

    • A number of people have reported this same problem.

      I think there may have been an error in how the rpm packages were created.

      Due to this and a few other issues people have encountered, we will be releasing a 0.42.1 version within a week or so, so stay tuned.

      Meanwhile, if you're anxious to try 0.42, you might be able to get it built from source. I don't know how hard that would be, but we haven't had many complaints about building from source, so that is a good sign.


    • Winston Ojeda
      Winston Ojeda

      Thank you for trying to help.
      I did spend some time on compiling the source. Over and hour work by the time I had everything I needed.

      My reward?

      glibc detected free(): invalid pointer: 0x08e2b650 ***
      Emergency save activated!
      Emergency save completed. Inkscape will close now.
      If you can reproduce this crash, please file a bug at www.inkscape.org
      with a detailed description of the steps leading to the crash, so we can fix it.

      Even the viewer seg faults with its own example files.

      As any good OpenSource supported would, I did what it sugests. I filed the bug report only to find out it was reported back in May and it hasn't even been assigned yet. It is bug #1248399.

      This is as far as I am prepared to go for now. I can see this project has a long way to go still. Maybe I'll revisit it next year.

      thanks anyways,

    • Charles Hakari
      Charles Hakari

      Try the package at:


      This package works on both of my systems.