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Booleans_article 2006-01-16 mental [r10721] moving tag release_1 for module Booleans_article
CVSROOT 2006-01-16 mental [r10636] moving trunk for module CVSROOT
Makefile_insert 2006-01-16 mental [r10637] moving trunk for module Makefile_insert
branding 2006-07-25 mental [r12759] text to path
clipartbrowser 2006-01-16 mental [r10638] moving trunk for module clipartbrowser
css_inline 2006-01-16 mental [r10722] moving tag release_1_00 for module css_inline
dms 2006-01-16 mental [r10718] moving tag release_0_01 for module dms
doc-docbook 2010-08-19 JazzyNico [r22741] Indonesian potrace screen capture
experimental 2009-09-10 mjwybrow [r22211] - Add a readme for anyone who wonders where t...
gsoc-testsuite 2010-04-18 jaspervdg [r22705] Some updated references.
inkscape 2010-01-04 dziumanenko [r22636] Update Ukrainian Treanslation
inkscape_drupal 2007-03-28 bryce [r14639] Adding a todo list
inkscape_marketing 2008-02-11 gouldtj [r17321] r17866@shi: ted | 2008-02-11 09:11:38 -0800
inkscape_project 2009-01-12 keescook [r20510] update doxygen config file for newer doxygen
inkscape_testfiles 2008-03-07 gouldtj [r17694] r18358@shi: ted | 2008-03-06 15:32:04 -0800
inkscape_web 2012-06-09 prokoudine [r22882] Added Ubuntu Software Centre link
ps3convert 2006-01-16 mental [r10725] moving tag start for module ps3convert
svg_metadata 2006-01-16 mental [r10719] moving tag release_0_03 for module svg_metadata
svgtopdf 2006-06-01 doctormo [r12146] Fixed Arc conversion to bezier, thanks to Yanni...
user_manual 2008-06-22 luca_bruno [r19001] * Adding initial esperanto translation of user...