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examples 2006-05-21 doctormo [r11881] Sense of scale and units in the metric
lib 2006-06-01 doctormo [r12146] Fixed Arc conversion to bezier, thanks to Yanni...
t 2006-05-15 doctormo [r11790] Import svgtopdf
INSTALL 2006-05-15 doctormo [r11790] Import svgtopdf
Makefile.PL 2006-05-15 doctormo [r11790] Import svgtopdf
README 2006-05-16 doctormo [r11812] Comments, Clean up, Pod and XPath
inst 2006-05-15 doctormo [r11790] Import svgtopdf
svgtopdf 2006-05-15 doctormo [r11790] Import svgtopdf

Read Me

SVG to PDF Progress ( 2006-05-15 )


PDF::API2 - For creating PDF documents in perl
XML::SAX::PurePerl - For parsing of xml documents

Package Contents:

XML2 - XML Dom level 2 access and extention libary
SVG2 - Rewriten SVG based on XML2
svgtopdf - perl script for converting svgs (outputs to ./mypdf.pdf)


Done in order:
 * New Page
 * Path (without arc)
 * Rectangle
 * Line
 * PDF Graphics State stack
 * Styles from style attribute
 * Transformations
 * Arc in Paths

In Progress or Buggy:
 * Text Boxes
 * Flowing Text

 * Shaders (may require PDF::API2 edit)
 * Extended Graphics State
 * Transparencies
 * Font Styles
 * Page Attributes
 * Object/Page Metrics

 * Arc in Path is creating slighly wrong beziers, some of the calcs must be mixed up.
 * Matrix Transformation needs testing more, I don't think it works as expected
 * Page is upside down, as 0 is at the bottom of the pdf page and the top of the svg
 * Objects are not correct size in respect to the page

Martin Owens ( DoctorMO[ate]gmail.com )