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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r14051] by cwebb

Updated cs downloads page to serve 7z file for windows

2007-02-06 18:35:13 Tree
[r14050] by bryce

Repointing stable link

2007-02-06 18:32:25 Tree
[r14049] by bryce

Updating download links to include windows package

2007-02-06 18:28:31 Tree
[r14048] by luca_bruno

it: comics news

2007-02-06 15:34:37 Tree
[r14047] by luca_bruno

CSS button now translated

2007-02-06 15:11:40 Tree
[r14046] by cwebb

Adding japanese.nsh and russian.nsh into files that should go into the
release tarball

2007-02-06 14:22:32 Tree
[r14045] by cwebb

Adding japanese.nsh among files that go into tarball

2007-02-06 14:20:53 Tree
[r14044] by cwebb

Correct russian translation

2007-02-06 10:41:29 Tree
[r14043] by cmarqu

Fix link to release notes.

2007-02-05 23:54:13 Tree
[r14042] by amphi


2007-02-05 22:41:07 Tree
[r14041] by acspike

move wiki link to /Inkscape to discourage the 8080s

2007-02-05 22:30:03 Tree
[r14040] by keescook

initial support for gtk print dialog, if available

2007-02-05 17:54:07 Tree
[r14039] by luca_bruno

it: updated download links

2007-02-05 13:52:02 Tree
[r14038] by luca_bruno

it: 0.45 released

2007-02-05 13:39:59 Tree
[r14037] by cwebb

Update to downloads page and the number of last stable version

2007-02-05 12:12:18 Tree
[r14036] by cwebb
2007-02-05 11:49:55 Tree
[r14035] by cwebb

Converting the last german news entry to UTF8

2007-02-05 11:48:42 Tree
[r14034] by cwebb

German translation of "Inkscape 0.45 released" news netry from Colin

2007-02-05 11:45:37 Tree
[r14033] by bryce

News item for 0.45 release

2007-02-05 09:30:29 Tree
[r14032] by mjwybrow

* packaging/macosx/ScriptExec/main.c: Make sure the OS X application
launcher exits when Inkscape itself is closed the first time it is run.

2007-02-05 01:49:09 Tree
[r14031] by mjwybrow

* packaging/macosx/ScriptExec/main.c, packaging/macosx/Resources/script:
Present a new message to OS X users describing the delay when starting
Inkscape for the first time, as well as the fact that Inkscape windows
will be part of the X11 application. Also, bounce the dock icon so
that users will actually see this message.

2007-02-05 01:37:43 Tree
[r14030] by acspike

fix condition for selecting path-effects

2007-02-05 00:29:27 Tree
[r14029] by bryce

cmake build file from ACSpike

2007-02-04 23:45:10 Tree
[r14028] by bryce

Reverting patch

2007-02-04 21:56:15 Tree
[r14027] by cmarqu

Fix grammatical errors, typos etc.

2007-02-04 21:36:07 Tree
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