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  • JReykdal

    Hi there,

    I'm running a recording of 2 sources continously 24/7 and deleting files older than 48 hrs. Sometimes either the gui or the recorders stop working for whatever reason so I have to check the status every once in a while.

    Is there some way to start a recording from specific recorders with a specific project name that includes chunking? That way I should be able to monitor the process and either alert me or restart the process.

    I would be most appreciative if someone has samples of their commands for us to look at to make a "cheatsheet" of options available with Ingex.


  • John Fletcher
    John Fletcher

    Are you looking to start recordings using a command line rather than the ingexgui?
    Chunking is done by the gui at present.

  • In august we had to record 7 sources in 1 hour chunks 18h a day for 16 days.
    We did this on 2 independent headless systems on runlevel 3 to prevent any X/KDE/GUI problem or overhead.
    Each of these two systems was equipped with 2 Decklink Duo.

    We ran each bmd_sdi/recorder "bundle" in a tmux session with the benefit of not having to send these processes to background and being able to to administer/monitor it through ssh (as they were located in a server room) 
    Tmux is kind of like screen but with the ability to split panes.
    For recorder control we used a script (could have even been done without it) that called ingex's RecorderClient which runs on command line.
    The "chunking" was done by cron jobs. Cron jobs are not that precise time-wise as the ingexgui, the program calls are up to 3 seconds late. 
    When executing e.g. "RecorderClient igx1-1 -start", it starts the recording. If a recording is already running from igx1-1 it first starts a new one and then stops the old one, which is perfect.
    For a project name different from "MyProject" we had to change the source code of RecorderClient, but that's really simple.
    I thought of making the project name changeable as an command line argument, but time was pressing

    These Systems recorded all 16 days without a problem. 
    During these days we did not stop or restart bmd_sdi/recorder processes once.

    btw, thanks to the whole Ingex team for making this possible, I owe you a beer :-)