frames dropped OpenSuse 12.1

Jim Bird
  • Jim Bird
    Jim Bird

    We are running the latest version of Studio on OpenSuse 12.1, and are getting a lot of dropped frames when we are encoding.  We are capturing 1 video input, SD NTSC, on a DVS Centaurus card, creating uncompressed OPAtoms and a QT DV25 as a secondary file.  We typically will capture a video, then run an ffmpeg process to transcode the DV25 file into other files, as we capture the next video.   The odd thing is this process works great on identical hardware running OpenSuse 11.1, and an earlier version of Ingex Studio.  We have made thousands of files this way, but the 12.1 machine can't do it.  It is fine as long as we aren't running the secondary ffmpeg process.  Is there something we need to change on the 12.1 install to improve the performance?  Both machines are HP 8 core, 16GB ram, with raid 0 storage.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • John Fletcher
    John Fletcher

    Sorry, I don't know.